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12th December 2013 by

This little blog is full of links. Follow them to find out more – I’m sure they can all explain what they do better than I can!

This week I visited New Unity in Stoke Newington for the first time – an amazing place for an amazing event. Sometimes it’s wonderful what can hide behind walls. A place some of us had cycled past every day, lived or worked a stone’s throw away from, but didn’t yet know about.

New Unity is a “radically inclusive community of faith”, focusing on compassion and social justice, with a fascinating history. One of the many things on offer are community events. This week they were host to Let Freedom Ring, sharing some tools and practices from Training for Transformation. This training is based on the work of Paulo Freire, on community and popular education. It is about transforming societies through people and thinking critically about educational processes, developing new ones from the people.

I came away full of ideas to incorporate into our work at Otesha and full of inspiration to continue learning. The day was inspiring, not just because of exciting training, but all the wonderful people there. People working and taking action on so many vital social/environmental justice issues. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next!

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