Moving Planet – Sept 24th

2nd September 2011 by

All over the world people are taking to the streets. March, cycle or skate and join the call for the world to go beyond fossil fuels.

Hop on to to find an event local to you or even register your own one. They’ve got a great website with loads of resources and support, from printable posters, stickers and t-shirt graphics, through to guides on how to organise an event and get a whole school involved.

During the day Moving Planet will be delivering a clear and strong set of demands:
– Science-based policies to get us back to 350ppm
– A rapid, just transition to zero carbon emissions
– A mobilization of funding for a fair transition to a 350ppm world
– Lifting the rights of people over the rights of polluters
More details on the demands here

Grants available for our Northern Soul tour!

5th May 2011 by

We have four grants available for our Northern Soul cycle tour! What are you waiting for?

Starting in Snowdonia on 10th June, the Northern Soul team will be navigating north through the stunning Yorkshire Dales and the lovely Lake District, cruising from coast to coast and spinning into Scotland.  If you fancy joining this six-week life-changing and world-changing adventure we have the following grants available to help you on your way:
– One full grant to cover the complete £800 fundraising goal
– Up to three partial grants towards the £800 fundraising goal

We’re thrilled to be able to give this opportunity to four lucky cyclists.  We want these grants to have the deepest and broadest impact possible, so here’s what you have to do to get your hands on one!
1. Fill in an application form to come on tour (you can find it online here)
2. Write us a little letter explaining:
– the impact coming on an Otesha tour will have on you personally;
– how you hope to promote sustainability within your community after you return from your Otesha adventure;
– your dream project working on environmental and social sustainability that you would love to set up and run if you had desk space for six months and a £500 start-up pot!;
– financial need.

Please send your electronic letter to Calu and Iona at by Wednesday 18th May!

If you’ve got any questions, send us an email or give us a ring 0207 377 2109.

How to survive a 1,000 mile cycle ride in 10 easy steps

4th May 2011 by

This blog is cross-posted from Brake the Cycle, written by Liz and Matt.

So, it’s now the end of day 8 and we’re 550 miles into the trip, camped by a beautiful river in Kendal, at the start of the Lake District. Now, we can’t claim to be Lance Armstrong-calibre cycle touring experts but we have learned a few things along the way, which we thought we’d pass along to you. So we present, in no particular order, our top tips for making the most of a two-wheeled cycle adventure:

1. Bring chocolate. Lots of chocolate. And sugar. Lots of sugar. Especially on hilly days. Bananas are good too (and chocolate peanuts, and energy bars, and apples, and pink jelly babies, and blocks of cheese, and oatcakes, and sandwiches, and pastries…). Evening meals should pay homage to the great chickpea (or other good sources of protein) in the form of something warm or delicious like a curry. In general, eat twice or three times as much as you usually would.

2. After a few long days on the road, padded shorts will be your best friend. Three to four layers of padding are optional but recommended by some, as long as you don’t mind looking like the Michellin Man. A happy bum makes for a happy cyclist, trust us.

3. Don’t have a pint at lunch, no matter how tempting the pub and how sunny the afternoon. It will only make you sleepy later. Do have a pint (or two…or three?) at the end of the day.

4. Stretch consistently throughout the day. Roadside stretching is especially good since it also entertains the drivers passing by, and who doesn’t like to brighten up someone else’s day with a few lycra-clad lunges?

5. Water security is important. Don’t ever cycle with less than 2 extra bottles somewhere on your bike, or travel with other people who have lots of water. No matter how many fancy sports drinks you chug back, the humble tap water is the most refreshing drink of all.

6. Don’t bonk. Avoid bonking by adhering to point 1 and point 3, and possibly point 5. (According to some, bonking is cyclist-speak for when you suddenly run out of energy, usually when you’re about to cycle up a really big hill, and your muscles don’t want to work anymore.)

7. You’ll be spending at least 15 hours a day with the same people, so make sure you like your company. Boring people get very boring when you have to spend 8 hours pedalling next to them listening about cricket. Luckily, the Brake the Cycle group is very nice. Also none of them like cricket.

8. Love your bike. You and your bike will develop a very close relationship whilst on the road. You can nurture this relationship by lubing it up regularly before getting your leg over.

9. Don’t be a Debbie Downer. Be a Positive Polly or even an Uplifting Ursula. If all else fails, tell cheesy jokes.

10. In the end, remember that it’s not the destination, it’s the journey that counts. It can be tempting to compulsively check bike computers to clock record speeds and watch the miles rack up under your wheels, but the real magic happens when you take your eyes off the road speed and look at the counties, villages, cities, countryside and countless sheep you’ll see as you pass by.

Otesha 10:10 update

19th October 2010 by

Involved in the 10:10 campaign we commit to reduce our carbon emissions by 10%. Check out the photos with our office changes!

Winterbox – Get ready for the winter season with cosy jumpers (instead of overheating)

Changing bulbs to energy efficient bulbs (big energy saving factor!)

Cycle to work together office plan – We try to get involved more people from the office in cycling. We organise meeting points for people from same areas or directions to have company on a way to work.

Growing our own food and flowers in our office garden.

More information about the 10:10 campaign:

Mohamed On The Big Screen

24th August 2010 by

In June I took part in a short TFL film that promotes cycling, here is a previous post that I have written during the filming. Last Friday, 20th of August, was the big launch of these short films. I featured in 2 films, that are both on YouTube and the TFL cycle site. One is my personal story and the other is the group video. The group video is also been screened at Cinema’s across the UK before the feature film (during the adverts). This is the video.

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Cycle Superhighways

28th July 2010 by

Last week the first of London’s 12 slightly painfully bright blue Cycle Superhighways was launched, with aims of improving safety and increasing numbers cycling. But is this really what is needed to make cycling in London safer and more appealing? Are the changes in infrastructure really improvements? And do positive moves to advocate cycling detract from other important issues surrounding environmental sustainability and social justice?

According to Boris Johnson, the superhighways’ blue represents freedom. I see a striking similarity to the Barclays logo (sure, the match isn’t perfect but those Dulux colour-matching paint mixers never do turn out quite how you might have liked and they probably couldn’t return that many thousands of litres of paint to Homebase).
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Cycling with one hand!

15th July 2010 by

After my last cycling with confidence session at BikeWorks (and the little mishap of falling off the bike and twisting my ankle, read more here), I was not so keen on this second session. My only worry being “will I fall again?”; luckily that did not happen and with that out of my mind I was able to go to the next stage of the session. The cycling session itself went brilliantly and the next challenge I faced was cycling with one hand.
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"Rework the Rework the world conference!"

30th June 2010 by

This would be the resounding call of any Oteshite who might have been at the 5th Global Yes Summit in Leksand, Sweden.  As an Otesha alumni I was part of the Young Foundation delegation, alongside other young leaders and volunteers from UK projects. Together we spent 4 days basking in glorious Swedish sunshine learning about social entrepreneurship and lots of new ideas that might one day ‘rework’ the world. Read the rest of this entry »

Cycling Without The Fall

22nd June 2010 by

At the moment I would describe myself as a new cycle enthusiast. Still learning how to cycle, getting to grips with the bike and hopefully, sooner than anticipated, a cycling star.

One of the main issues I face is cycling on the road on my own, building that confidence to become a good cyclist. So to overcome that, I have registered and took part in my first session of cycle training with Bike Works.
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8th June 2010 by

It’s almost cycle tour time again. So we thought we’d share some Oteshenanigans. This short film was made by Cress and Frankie from last year’s East Coast Tour.

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