Top 10 train tips

21st April 2010 by

At Otesha, it’s no secret that we love trains. When we’re not on our bicycles, you can often find us climbing aboard with all our gear in tow (including a glow-in-the-dark hula hoop, lots of snacks and travel scrabble). In the past little while, we’ve taken the train to Sweden for the European Social Forum, Poland for the UN climate negotiations, Denmark for some more climate negotiations and of course all around the UK at the start and end of cycle tours.

Along the way, we learned a few things about how to make train travel as pleasant, comfortable and convenient as possible. In the spirit of spreading and sharing our new-found wisdom far and wide, we’d like to share our tips with you.

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Holiday in the UK

3rd July 2009 by

We challenge you to send us a postcard, from the UK.

It’s that time again, summertime. We’re all very tempted to pack our bags, jump on a packed flight and catch some sun on a package holiday. Completely forgetting that it’s summertime here too, and the Met Office has promised us a scorcher. So go on, holiday in the UK.

We’re not often particularly patriotic, but here’s why Britain is best:

  • you don’t have to speak English loudly and slowly (often), or be embarrassed by your fellow holiday makers speaking English loudly and slowly
  • trains are great (see our top ten tips for train travel)
  • it’s cheaper financially
  • and environmentally
  • you’ve almost definitely got friends and family in other parts of the UK that you don’t visit enough, kill two birds and take a free accomodation, guilt free holiday
  • the UK is full of beautiful campsites
  • and lovely B and Bs
  • and wonderful places to Woof
  • there must be more, but you get the picture

Head out of your usual abode and across this fair isle of ours.

Please send us a postcard (or even an email, to when you get there. Here’s our address.

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