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1st March 2011 by

Watch this video. No really, it’s less than a minute long. Watch it. Laugh. Send it to all your friends. Then watch it again.

Although the haters will persist in spreading lies, the science is on our side, and a recent survey shows that despite all the climate skepticism we’ve been having recently, most people still view climate change as a huge threat. In an opinion poll many said that the last two unusually cold winters had actually made them worry more about ‘global warming’. Maybe they saw the video and don’t want to go to prison.

According to the Guardian (in an article about a Guardian/ICM opinion poll), the public’s belief in global warming as a man-made danger has weathered the storm of climate controversies and cold weather intact.

The UK suffered two unusually cold winters in 2009 and 2010. But three times more people said the freezing weather had actually made them worry more about global warming than those who were less worried. The finding runs counter to the idea that people are influenced more by local conditions than by reports of globally rising temperatures. It may also indicate an understanding of how warming is projected to increase extreme weather events and that people distinguish between changes in short-term weather and long-term climate.

While climate sceptics remain a vocal presence in some parts of the climate change debate, the new poll shows them to represent a fringe position.

A moment of CO2 infographic nerdiness

23rd February 2011 by

A fascinating snapshot showing where the world’s greenhouse gas emissions are coming from and where they’re going to (click to link to a larger version).

World emissions according to the WRI

The data’s from 2000 so it needs an update, but I’d wager that things haven’t changed that dramatically in the past ten years. Source: World Resources Institute.

The day they blocked the railway

9th February 2011 by

In April 2010, 13 people literally put their necks on the line blockading the railway at Ffos y Fran and halting the coal train on its way to Aberthaw power station. Ffos y Fran, in Merthyr Tydfil is the largest opencast coal mine in the UK. There has been a long campaign opposing Ffos y Fran mine by local residents and climate activists alike.

A spokesperson for the Rising Tide activists said, “Opencast mining trashes the landscape, contributes massively to climate change and threatens the health of local people. We need to leave coal in the ground, and that’s why we put our necks on the line to stop a coal train.”

“With their hands in the pockets of corporations, it’s not surprising that governments failed us at the Copenhagen climate summit. We can’t rely on their false solutions anymore. It’s up to ordinary people taking direct action to stop climate chaos. Fossil fuel extraction devastates communities and is being resisted around the world, from opencast mining in Merthyr to tar sands oil in Alberta, Canada.”

This is a beautiful little video about the day they blocked the railway.

Mohamed On The Big Screen

24th August 2010 by

In June I took part in a short TFL film that promotes cycling, here is a previous post that I have written during the filming. Last Friday, 20th of August, was the big launch of these short films. I featured in 2 films, that are both on YouTube and the TFL cycle site. One is my personal story and the other is the group video. The group video is also been screened at Cinema’s across the UK before the feature film (during the adverts). This is the video.

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2nd August 2010 by

Count the number of the bikes compared to the number of the busses, trams and cars on the video. I think we would be really happy with the same balance in London!

The best green TED talks

21st June 2010 by

Planet Green published a list of the best green TED talks. It’s such a great list that I’m re-sharing it here, along with the vids:

Pete Stamets: Six ways mushrooms can change the world

Paul Stamets is a mycologist and an entrepreneur.  After listening to him explain how mushrooms can clean soil, make antibiotics and invented the internet first, I am a complete fan. Mushrooms aren’t just delicious – they’re soil magicians! They hold together soil over 30,000 times their weight, transfer nutrients from one tree to another and have been around for 1.3 billion years.  Also, did you know that people are more closely related  to fungi than any other kingdom? And that the world’s largest organism (22,000 acres!) is a fungi? Watch and be amazed:

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8th June 2010 by

It’s almost cycle tour time again. So we thought we’d share some Oteshenanigans. This short film was made by Cress and Frankie from last year’s East Coast Tour.

Oteshacise with Hanna

8th April 2010 by

At last, the one you’ve all been waiting for! Oteshacise with Hanna! Ha. This is the last in the current batch, but I have my camera at the ready to get Jo today…

Oteshacise with Mohamed

7th April 2010 by

Today the spotlight is on Mo…

Oteshacise with Edd

6th April 2010 by

Here is Edd demonstrating a stretch to get you nice and limber…

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