We challenge you to have a staycation

1st July 2013 by

So summer is upon us and the holiday season is quickly approaching.  We understand the importance of taking a break and acknowledge that Europe is at our doorstep but we challenge you to ditch the foreign holiday and try a staycation.

British-Flag-in-a-SandcastleA staycation is a holiday spent in the UK, often close to home. Why do we challenge you with this? We believe there are multiple benefits. Going on a staycation will save you money, help your local economy, is more eco friendly, less stressful, and ultimately you get more time relaxing instead of travelling. If you have a think about it, the UK has an incredible amount to offer from surfing, white water rafting, canyoning, camping (or glamping for those recoiling at the idea), foreign food cooking courses, wine tours (there are actually more than 400 vineyards in the UK), the National Trust holiday volunteering, and WWOOFING.

Try it out, and let us know how it goes. Or have you already had brilliant staycations? Let us know.

Holiday in the UK

3rd July 2009 by

We challenge you to send us a postcard, from the UK.

It’s that time again, summertime. We’re all very tempted to pack our bags, jump on a packed flight and catch some sun on a package holiday. Completely forgetting that it’s summertime here too, and the Met Office has promised us a scorcher. So go on, holiday in the UK.

We’re not often particularly patriotic, but here’s why Britain is best:

  • you don’t have to speak English loudly and slowly (often), or be embarrassed by your fellow holiday makers speaking English loudly and slowly
  • trains are great (see our top ten tips for train travel)
  • it’s cheaper financially
  • and environmentally
  • you’ve almost definitely got friends and family in other parts of the UK that you don’t visit enough, kill two birds and take a free accomodation, guilt free holiday
  • the UK is full of beautiful campsites
  • and lovely B and Bs
  • and wonderful places to Woof
  • there must be more, but you get the picture

Head out of your usual abode and across this fair isle of ours.

Please send us a postcard (or even an email, to jo@otesha.org.uk) when you get there. Here’s our address.

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