Tools for campaigners

Want to get up and do something that matters, but could use a little help getting started? Never fear – we’re here to help.

Campaigning resources


Global Issues, Local Impacts (PDF)

Global issues local impacts

So you’re sitting around with your friends or your youth club, sudent union group or co-workers, trying to explain why you’ve stopped eating meat or have suddenly become fanatical about your bicycle, and they ask “what’s the big deal about individual action anyway? Does anything that I do actually count?” This presentation will help you arm yourself with useful facts for that inevitable conversation. If they’re willing, you can even use the slides here to guide them through the 8 themes of food, fashion, media, water, transport, trade, money and energy, pinpointing key issues and highlighting consumer action initiatives that have made a real impact.

Great Otesha Climate Change & poverty quiz (PDF)
This presentation focuses on two of the big underlying challenges that we hope to make better by re-thinking our day-to-day choices: climate change and poverty. We know these big issues can be scary, so this presentation helps introduce the issues to others in an accessible, non-intimidating way.

The climate action slideshow climate change presentation

Here’s a very sleek editable slideshow that you can download & use in your community to educate about climate science, climate impacts, the international UN process on climate change, and how an international movement is forming to combat climate change.

The Otesha 5 minute lifestyle check-up (PDF)

5 min lifestyle inventory

This short inventory and action plan encourages people to take a look at their day-to-day banking, eating and transport habits, and then get some quick and easy ideas for how to green them up. If you want to encourage people to make small changes in a positive way, this is a good place to start. The sheet works best if you can guide people through the questions and then make them a personal action plan by checking the boxes of the actions that most relate to their lives, but people can also go through the questions on their own. We designed this for 14-18 year olds, but it should work with other age groups too. If you use it, let us know how you get on!

Group functioning & communications

NVC: Our guide to non-violent communication
Jo and Liz took an NVC workshop at the European Social Forum and learnt a ton. We’ve tried to share as many nuggets of widsom as possible here, although we’re definitely not experts in this area!

Tools for White Guys
These tips remind us that working to uncover hidden power structures in society is really central to the work we’re doing, because issues around environmental justice, social justice, and equity are completely interconnected. As the tips say, none of us are free until all of us are free. And no, they’re not just for white guys – they’re relevant for most of the rest of us too.

Holding Meetings (word doc)
Thanks to our friends at Otesha Canada, we’ve got a fantastic guide to facilitating meetings and making group decisions using a consensus model. If you’re part of a group, any group, this is a highly recommended read.

The art of getting stuff done

Tips for Campaigners (PDF) This one’s a simple sheet that you can read in 5 minutes.

UK Youth Climate Coalition

Another amazing organisation that can steer you in the right direction is the UK Youth Climate Coalition (UKYCC).  We’re proud of our history with this coalition of young people from around the UK who’ve come together to take action on climate change, so that we can build the clean, equitable and green-job-filled future we want to see.

The 10:10 campaign

If you’re looking to get others around you involved in meaningful action on climate change, may we suggest starting with the 10:10 campaign? They’ve got a great 10 step checklist that you can download & pass around to your friends:

10:10 checklist