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The Craftivism Q&A

We’ve had a hankering recently to know all about this thing called craftivism, so we’ve kidnapped Sarah Corbett, founder of the Craftivist Collective, locked her in the Otesha dungeon and turned our interrogation lamp on her. Here’s what we learned… [Thanks, Sarah!] Oh, and if you can’t get enough craftivism, watch what happened when Otesha […]

It all makes sense!

Felicity, of our Wild West ’09 cycle tour, talks about how Otesha has influenced her & the exciting new projects she’s been inspired to work on since! Summing up how Otesha has influenced me is actually quite hard, simply because it has, in a bigger way than I could ever have imagined. Back in Dec […]

New year, new life for your festive waste

We’ve been talking a lot about upcycling lately here, so it’s just got to be the theme of your monthly challenge. If there’s ever a time when reusable waste gets sent in mind-boggling amounts to the landfill site, it’s post-Christmas. But as it’s Christmas, new year and winter solstice… what could be more appropriate than […]

Leah's cycle tour tales

A guest blog from the lovely Leah Kirby of Tartan Trail 2011. Find out what motivated Leah to join an Otesha adventure, and the impact it’s already having on her life just a few short months later. Otesha had been a long time coming; during my years at university I had been involved and committed […]

Reduce, reuse, recycle… up-cycle!

Guest blogger and friend of Otesha Alice Nicol gets us up to speed on the world of up-cycling, and argues that designers and businesses must put reduction of resource use at the heart of their work In a world where we are continually putting strain on our resources, I have come to question what my […]

A just transition or just a transition?

Otesha team member Hanna Thomas, who is lead organiser of the East London Green Jobs Alliance, has been writing in the Occupied Times – the newspaper produced by the Occupy London Stock Exchange camp – and warns that the Occupy and green movements must not assume complacently that equity and the move to a green […]

Spread a ray of sunshine

In deepest darkest winter, when the nights draw in and our governments head to the UN for more fraught negotiations on the future of the world’s climate and its seven billion people, I search for things that give me hope. Things that crack open the darkness of my annual November pessimism and spread a ray […]

More Gear Up stories

Ozlem Ozlem told us she really enjoyed Gear Up and found it very useful: bike training empowered her to ride on the road, while money management training gave her an insight into what banks actually do with money and how the financial system works. She worked at ethical fashion organisation Pants to Poverty as part […]

Your creativity can save it from landfill!

This month we’re challenging you to get creative and breathe new life into some poor thing destined for landfill.  The options are endless, but here are some ideas to start you off.  Once you’ve finished crafting email us pictures of your masterpieces to Friends of Otesha are likely to know that we turn quite […]

The Fifth Epic Tartan Trail Journal Entry

Roll up, roll up, for the next edition of the adventures of the Tartan Trailers coming to you from Luciana and Lucy, the luscious liaisons. When we last left you we were just about to embark on the epic journey of mid-tour retreat. Upon arrival at Hugh Grierson’s farm near Perth we hung up our […]

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