Alumni network

Otesha is a community. Without all the people who take part we are nothing. Therefore we try our hardest to keep in touch with past cycle tour participants, Change Project members and people that have interned at Otesha HQ.  And so the Otesha alumni network was born!

One of our aims at Otesha is to support emerging leaders in sustainability. At present 126 (2012) young people have participated in an Otesha cycle tour, providing many with a radical life changing experience towards a more sustainable lifestyle. We want to foster and encourage these changes and support alumni to spread ideas about environmental sustainability and social justice across the world.

Otesha runs a range of activities for it’s alumni including a weekly roundup of jobs and opportunities in the green sector, mini education cycle tours and ‘How to Change Things’ project training (see link left). However network is very much alumni driven, learning off and supporting each other.

Alumni often drop by to facilitate workshops with the Change Projects, plan events and fundraisers, share amazing opportunities with us, and scheme up their own world-changing projects. At the risk of sounding a bit sappy, we’re incredibly grateful to have such a wonderful community at the heart and soul of everything we do.