Alumni activities

Otesha alumni activities

Navigating towards greener & fairer lifestyles is an ongoing journey, so alumni tend to come together from time to time to help develop their skills and know-how. These activities are an important tool in bringing the Otesha family together to swap inspiration, ideas and opportunities, raising some much needed cash for Otesha or to be re-invigorated in the ways of sustainability and social justice.

Alumni cycle tours

Cambrian Challenge alumni tour 2012

April 2012 saw 5 intrepid adventurers dusting off their panniers and setting forth over the Welsh mountains and along the coast from Machynlleth to Bangor. Skipping storms and battling with trailers up hills the team were treated to visits to permaculture farms, wind turbines, a roundhouse eco-education centre and blustery beaches. Along the way they paid their way with the traditional work exchange and giving some workshops in local schools and youth groups.

Lejog superhero tour 2010

Itching for another cycling challenge and the opportunity to reunite, in the spring of 2010, past cycle tour members cycled again! From the 27th March to 11th April, a group of 8 inspired alumni pedalled hard from Land’s End to John O’Groats for the fun of it and to fundraise for Otesha! Some went all the way (the hard core four) and others joined for legs (and arms and smiley faces). They also revived their superhero alter egos. Collectively they raised over £2,500 for Otesha through a variety of activities, including organising activity days, baking cakes, selling flapjacks and planning parties!

Learning activities

Embercombe friends’ weekend

In February 2010, a group of Otesha alumni took a trip to Embercombe farm in Devon to see Jessie (who’s doing an apprenticeship there) and get our hands dirty helping out around the farm! Over the February friends’ working weekend we happily muddied ourselves clearing the forest for tree-planting, cooked with newly found chums, ate in wonderful yurts and played on charismatic instruments….what a lovely weekend, thanks Embercombe!

Otesha Outreach

Alumni have also done a fantastic job spreading Otesha’s messages far and wide! Workshops have been held at youth clubs, school groups and community events up and down the UK and beyond- even the Women’s Institute haven’t been spared. The cycle tour play has also been revived, with it being performed at Knockengorroch festival in Scotland 2 years running! If you are alumni and would like to run an Otesha workshop in your area please get in touch with Iona at