Otesha alumni regional hubs

From time to time bands of alumni who have settled in the same area team together to create an Otesha regional hub. Regional hub activities in the past have had Otesha stalls at local events, done street performances of the play and given workshops at local youth groups. One of Otesha’s possible grand-plans is to have hubs of alumni all over the UK, working as facilitators in schools and outreaching for Otesha at events. If you are an alumni and want to find out who else is in your area to form a hub please email Iona at iona@otesha.org.uk.

Otesha East

In 2009 a group of alumni in Norwich (started up by Georgie, Luci and Matt) embarked on a mission to spread the word of environmental and social change through Norfolk, one person’s choices at a time – whilst having as much fun as possible, of course.

Otesha east does the CUE East festival

In May 2009 the FIRST Norwich and Norfolk Sustainable living festival took place. We were there to wow the good people of Norwich with an energy-packed comedy theatre piece about sustainable life choices. Giggles all round with lots of (sometimes unwanted) audience participation!

We also visited several youth clubs with our infamous ethical fashion workshop- wallets made from tetra-paks were definitely a big hit!

In September, we entertained lots of (big) kids with the Banana Chain game, showcasing the joys of Fairtrade at the Zero-Carbon Caravan event in Norwich.

Finally, in October we mixed craft with activism (aptly named craftivism) with a group of students at the University of East Anglia.

Get your own Norwich Green Guide

Download the first-ever Otesha Norwich Green Directory for free right here, and take a peek at what Norwich has to offer in the way of ethical banking, biking and everything in between.

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