Change Projects

Our Change Projects programme works with groups of young people to help them create change in their local community, in ways that send ripple effects around the world. We hope to inspire people to live a bit more sustainably, and help them to inspire others in turn. So that there’ll be more people out doing good things.

We work in primary and secondary schools, as well as with youth clubs or other groups of young people, and with individuals. We also run Change Projects with our groups as part of our Green Jobs programme.

Who are you?

I’m a young person with an idea.

We support individuals and groups to set up their own projects. If you’re 18+ and you’ve got an idea to change something for the better, we can help you. We run initial ‘How to Change Things’ training weekends 2-3 times/year, and follow them up with one to one mentoring from Otesha staff. If you want to find out more get in touch!

I’m an educator.

Find out more about the programme and what we can offer at your school or group.

You can read about some past projects in schools here: