Cooking Parties & Seasonal Feasts

We worked with Students in Tower Hamlets Summer University for a week in 2008. They focused on food. They wanted to learn how to buy and cook healthy, seasonal and sometimes organic food, and to change things so it was easier for them, their families and friends to eat well.

They spoke to the people running market stalls, shops and cafes in Whitechapel, and found that they didn’t stock organic, local and Fairtrade food because it was more expensive and they had no sign that consumers wanted it.

So, the Summer Uni crew:

•    Decided to start asking the cafes, shops and markets they use about seasonal, organic and fairtrade food, and they wrote to their friends and family asking them to do the same.

•    They wrote to their MPs asking them to do something about the price of organic food, considering the evidence that organic food is more nutritious than non-organic, and that our fruit and vegetables have become more hazardous since we started farming with chemical pesticides and fertilizers 60 years ago.

•    They gathered recipes, worked out where to buy local and organic food, got their friends and some mothers together, and had a cooking party. Then they invited guests and hosted a Seasonal Summer Feast. It was stunningly delicious. We hope there is an Autumn one, and a Winter, and on and on…