Getting Ethical about Fashion

with the Prince’s Trust xl Club at Barnet College

Barnet College invited us to come and help them run a project about ethical fashion. We started by getting to grips with some of the issues that make the fashion industry unsustainable. We discussed sweatshops, Fairtrade, child labour and the chemicals that are used to grow cotton for our clothes. Then we talked about how all this stuff made us feel and what we can do about it.

Since then the students at Barnet College have learnt how to make wallets from Tetra-Pak juice cartons, bags from old jeans, decorated t-shirts with their own logos and made necklaces from newspaper (and continued to argue about whether organic food tastes better or worse than non-organic).

We made a big display to tell the rest of the college how we’d been occupying our well-dressed selves and conducted a taste test, to finally settle the argument about organic food. The verdict was, organic strawberries taste lovely (and the UK grown ones are noticeably fresher than the ones shipped all the way from Spain). No taste test would be complete without biscuits and we all agreed that Fairtrade tastes best.