Healthy Eating at Uxbridge

We’ve been spending a lot of time at Uxbridge College lately!

In addition to workshops as part of their Schools Link, Inspire and Team Programmes, we delivered Healthy Eating Change Projects with two xl clubs at the College in the winter 2010 school term. The Prince’s Trust xl clubs is a team-based programme for young people who are facing difficulties at school. Some of the students are also attending vocational courses at the college or doing GCSEs, but for many a few hours a week with the xl club is their only link with the education system.

Over six sessions, the students learnt about organic food, Fairtrade, food miles, declining fish stocks, seasonal food and healthy food. The students shaped their own learning experience by suggesting activities such as taste tests and warm up games. The students designed their own smoothies, inventing the best and worst smoothies they could imagine. They also created Fairtrade, organic and locally grown food. For the project finale the students made smoothies, putting their recipes to the test.

In the project evaluations, 100% of students said they learned something new. They also said:

I learnt a lot, it’s been an education, I never knew that much food grew in winter, without fruit or vegetables we wouldn’t live very long.”

We shouldn’t take our food for granted because there are people slaving for our food.

The xl club leader said that “the best bit was having new people come in and teach the group something completely new. Educating young people on healthier lifestyles and more positive engagement of the planet is important- the exposure for the students was the most important part for me.”

Smoothie-making at Uxbridge