How to Change Things

This training does pretty much what it says on the tin, exploring all the necessary steps needed to set up and run an effective community project – making real, positive change to environmental and social issues. We look at how to get a group together, do some people research, work out the aims and objectives of  your project, dabble with a tiny bit of behaviour change theory, and much more!

This training is free and open to you if you:

  • are a young person over 18
  • want to make change in your community
  • can demonstrate a commitment to making your project a reality
  • have or haven’t been involved with Otesha before!

Your idea doesn’t need to be well developed – it might just be ‘I really want to do something to do with bikes’, or you might have a much more specific plan already! We want to know you really want to take your idea somewhere, so we’d love to have a quick chat through your ideas if you’re interested in coming along.