Saving Energy with 10:10

In March 2010, Otesha was asked to help facilitate an energy saving Change Project at Bishop Challoner Girls’ School.

The idea came from a group of Year 10 girls, who volunteered their lunchtimes to help the school reach its target to reduce carbon emissions within the school by 10% in 2010 as part of the international 10:10 Campaign.

We explored lots of issues around energy, including where our electricity comes from, the impacts of different energy sources on people and the environment, the pros and cons of renewables and fossil fuels, and how much energy different appliances around the school use. The group also talked about how individual habits affect our own energy consumption.

After doing a brief audit of energy use in different parts of the school, the student volunteers created a questionnaire for staff and fellow students. After drawing insight from the 88 people respondents, the students decided that they needed to increase awareness of the 10:10 campaign within the school. To do this, they made a ‘How to be a Super Hero’ power-point presentation and action pledge cards. All tutor groups in the school will watch the presentation and receive pledge cards. The school also invited EDF to come in and conduct an environmental audit.

The students launched a design competition to make 10:10 badges. They received 60 entries created a display board of their favourites. Three winners will have their badges printed and distributed through the school to spread awareness of their campaign. The 10:10 Campaign sent a film crew to the school to film the student volunteers, you can see the result above.

2010 may be over but the energy saving campaign at Bishop Challoner continues! The students (now in Year 11) are now mentoring some Year 8 girls to help them become campaigners too, so the school will have even more students pushing them to save energy.