East London Green Jobs Alliance


The East London Green Jobs Alliance is a network of trade unions, NGOs, community based organisations and green businesses working together to build an inclusive green economy.

We facilitate information sharing and programme development through meetings and events; production of campaign tools and resources; and through our monthly newsletter that showcases best practices learned on the ground. We have three goals – to network, amplify, and campaign.

Network – Members become aware of similar initiatives across the country and models and resources that like-minded programmes have already developed. Members can use this information to connect with one another and share stories, insights, and analysis about their experiences, while finding opportunities to collaborate.

Amplify – Collective sharing allows members to identify the best ideas, models, and programmes in the country and replicate them in their own programmes. One of our key goals is to showcase and highlight the models that work, as well as to distil the lessons from less successful attempts.

Campaign – By making links between members and showcasing best practices from across the UK, we are building a platform from which to call for the creation of green and decent jobs as part of an inclusive green economy. Our goal is to leverage our collective voice in progressive campaigns and rapid response lobbying.

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The East London Green Jobs Alliance is an initiative born from the East London Green Jobs Roundtable, convened by the Otesha Project UK in November 2010 as part of the Gear Up programme.

The roundtable brought together organisations as diverse as Tower Hamlets council, Unionlearn, IPPR, Friends of the Earth, the London Development Agency, Bikeworks, YouDev, the Young Foundation, Hackney City Farm, the Forest Recycling Project, Aspire, the Skills Development Agency and the UK Youth Climate Coalition, all with the aim of identifying green employment opportunities in the East London area. Subsequent round tables have included Tower Hamlets College, Fairbridge, Capacity Global, and the UNITE and UCU trade unions.

The East London Green Jobs Alliance was formally established in February 2011 and initially led by a taskforce formed of representatives of key stakeholders. In this phase, the taskforce was comprised of members of the Otesha Project UK, Unionlearn, UCATT and the UK Youth Climate Coalition.

To get involved
If you are interested in joining the East London Green Jobs Alliance, please contact Hanna Thomas at hanna@greenjobsalliance.org.uk. We would love to hear from anyone who is involved, or interested in, green jobs work. Although we started in East London, we aim to be a national network, so get in touch wherever you are!