Cycle Tours

At the heart of the Otesha Project you’ll find a two-wheeled revolution. 

Every summer teams of volunteers pedal across the UK stopping at schools, youth clubs, festivals and community events to inspire individuals to take creative and positive action towards a more sustainable future. Tour members receive plenty of training and get skilled up on everything from consensus decision making to bike maintenance.

Energy Tour 2014

Wheel your way around Wales (and maybe a bit of Western England) this summer on a world-changing mission. This year, we’re running an energy-themed cycle tour. Following in the cycle tracks of our fabulous food tours over the past two years, this tour will give a group of change-makers the opportunity to explore all sorts of environmental-social issues, with a particular focus on energy. The tour will visit exciting community and renewables projects, as well as communities affected by other forms of energy generation to learn about the issues, and run workshops exploring practical alternatives with children and young people.

The tour will hit the road from 28th June -19th July 2014. Find out more and how to apply here.

What it’s like to be on tour

Tour members will be part of a mobile community of around 15 people who share roles such as meal planning, cooking, meeting facilitation, record keeping, presenting workshops, equipment maintenance, the planning of wild and fun group activities, and all importantly being inspired and inspiring others to live more sustainably! Our longer tours also involve performances of Otesha’s Morning Choices play.

Your goal will be to challenge yourself, learn from your experiences and from the communities you visit, and put a bucket-load of your creativity and energy into making the tour have the biggest impact possible. To join us you don’t need to be an experienced cyclist, educator or performer -you’ll  just need to have plenty of enthusiasm and willingness to learn.

Want to join?

If you’re aged 18+ and you want to make a real difference next summer, then come ride with us! Hop on your bike and become part of something big. If you’re up for it, joining the challenging, joyful, rewarding adventure that is an Otesha cycle tour could be the experience of a lifetime.


Applying from abroad?

We welcome international applications, however if you are applying from abroad we would urge you to consider the impact of your travel.  We will not accept tour members who are taking an additional flight to join an Otesha cycle tour, as this undermines both the message and impact of cycling from place to place as a low-carbon mode of transport. If you’re coming from Europe, we would suggest planning to take a train, a coach, or even cycling to the UK.  If you’re in North America, why not check out  If you’d like to talk to us about this, don’t hesitate to email, cycling events, Uk cycle adventure, cycling for sustainability, 

NOTE: The Otesha Project is an equal opportunity organisation and we value the different expertise and diversity of our volunteers and employees. We strive to make our programs as accessible as possible and will work with committed individuals to ensure participation.