Pedal Powered 2014

Well, it’s an obvious name, but why not? This year’s tour is about energy, all sorts of energy!

Wheel your way around Wales (and maybe a bit of Western England) this summer on a world-changing mission. This year, we’re running an energy-themed cycle tour. Following in the cycle tracks of our fabulous food tours over the past two years, this tour will give a group of change-makers the opportunity to explore all sorts of environmental-social issues, with a particular focus on energy

Dates: 28th June -19th July 2014

Our popular 3-week food tours are reinventing themselves with a new theme for 2014 – energy! Fracking, fuel poverty, community wind turbines and solar projects, political debates, transport, and climate change – the list goes on – it’s a pretty hot topic.

You’ll be delivering sustainability workshops in schools and communities, enjoying workshares at exciting community projects and learning all about energy through diverse visits and learning exchanges.  Our FAQs are helpful too if you want to know more about tour!

By delivering our workshops you’ll help children explore how the choices they make, actions they take and things they buy affect people on the other side of the world and the planet itself. We take a colourful, positive, creative approach, helping them discover that their lives can be powerful forces for positive change in the world. You’ll be looking at things like fair trade and poverty wages, how much water it takes to make our food (and why it matters), why local food should be supported and how to get growing your own grub.

By giving empowering, hands-on education – you won’t just be raising awareness but working with children and schools to put together plans for real, practical changes.  We always follow up after our visits to see what the experience inspired – here are some of the results:

– Dereham: whole-school initiative to monitor energy and food waste

– Cardiff: school worked with Sustrans to create cycle networks to school

– Stirling: pupils and staff conducted food miles survey

– Merthyr Tydfil: Water-savers and energy monitors installed at school

Who can come along?

If you’re…

  • passionate about sustainability or want to learn more
  • over 18
  • happiest when out and about on your bike, often cycling 40 miles in a day
  • comfortable sleeping in accommodation ranging from tents to school halls

…we’d love to hear from you!

How to apply?

Just download and fill out the application form below – then email it back to us at We welcome applications from you at any time, but spaces are popular so we encourage you to apply ASAP! We will get in touch with all applicants within two weeks, so if you haven’t heard from us, let us know because it probably means your application has been lost in the high speed bicycle links which connect to our servers!

When filling out the application form, we recommend you set aside a good chunk of time – the process is as much for you to work out if you want to spend three weeks with the likes of us as it is for us to get to know you.

Application form: Tour Member Application Form 2014

After a little more responsibility?

When on the road, our cycle tour members live together as a community, taking decisions collectively and all chipping in to get the work done together. To make the process as smooth as possible, each year 2-3 individuals take on the role of tour liaison. Tour liaisons are the people who keep in touch with the office, have responsibility for group equipment, evaluations, phoning up schools pre-visit, health and safety etc. Before tour they spend a couple of weeks at Otesha HQ (in Hackney, London) sorting out equipment, preparing maps, getting in touch with all the tour members – making sure everything’s set to go! Tour liaisons will be needed for an extra two weeks before tour and a day or two at the end to help bring equipment back to London, and do a bit of sorting and cleaning up. (It’s fun, we promise!) In return for the extra responsibility, tour liaisons are not expected to fundraise, and living expenses are covered.

Find out more here: Tour liaison role

Apply here: Tour Liaison Application Form

Application deadline: Midnight on Monday 17th March 2014

What about fundraising?

Tour members are expected to fundraise £700 towards the cost of their place on tour. It can sound a lot but don’t worry – we’ll provide you with plenty of resources including a comprehensive fundraising guide, along with support from past tour members to help you along the way. We also have bursaries available for those less able to fundraise – so please get in touch if you want more information about this – we are passionate that the tours remain accessible to all. Your fundraising will cover all the direct tour costs, and a contribution to a paid fellowship opportunity for our cycle tour alumni, to coordinate the tour! It could be you next year…

Applying from abroad?

We welcome international applications, however if you are applying from abroad we would urge you to consider the impact of your travel.  We will not accept tour members who are taking an additional flight to join an Otesha cycle tour, as this undermines both the message and impact of cycling from place to place as a low-carbon mode of transport. If you’re coming from Europe, we would suggest planning to take a train, a coach, or even cycling to the UK.  If you’re in North America, why not check out  If you’d like to talk to us about this, don’t hesitate to email