Tartan Trail 2011

Tartan Trail

The Tartan Trailblazers, as they like to be known, have returned from their adventure.  Take a look at our blog for their stories.

With Edinburgh as the first stop on 5th August, for six weeks this team will gallivant through glens, amble along outstanding Scottish coastline and roll around picturesque woodlands.

We’ll be visiting: Edinburgh, Rosyth, Kirkcaldy, St Andrews, Dundee, Perth, Stirling, Dumbarton, Glasgow, Dairy, Kilmarnock, Dumfries and Moniaive.  If you’re somewhere along that winding trail and would love us to visit you, get in touch!

Meet the team…

Luci Edwards

Hello, I’m Luciana (Luci or Goose for short) and I’m going to be a tour liaison for the Tarten Trail tour this summer! Woo! I have been involved in Otesha since 2008 when I first did a wet but exhilarating Otesha bike tour in Wales. I’m currently finishing a degree in International Development in Norwich and about to start work as a Bikeability cycling instructor in local schools.. When I’m not doing that you can find me riding me bike, digging my allotment in a permaculture fashion, eating marmite on crumpets or having a good old dance along to some music somewhere! Anyway, I’m really really really looking forward to getting back on the road this summer in the glens of Scotland, spreading Otesha’s good work to across that fine part of the world, as well as having as much fun as humanly possible! Come join me!

Leah Kirby

Howdy Folks! I’m Leah and by the summertime I will have graduated from the UEA with an English degree! I’m looking forward to climbing out of a book and onto my bike for the Tartan Trail, although coming from flat-as-a-pancake Norwich I will need to get training for those hills! I’m really excited about using arts and performance as a catalyst for social change, as I feel creative interventions in our everyday life help us to address problems in a new and engaging way. Especially to be walking/ cycling/ dancing the talk with you fine people! When I’m not tucked up in the library I can be found hulla hooping, dancing, cooking, stitching and sewing all kinds of things (My last project was a patchwork dog draught excluder called Trev!) I’ve helped in the running of our university Permaculture group and particularly like mulching plants (isn’t mulching a good word!?) and sowing seeds, along with making nasturtium pesto and nibbling blackberries… There’s a lot more I could say but I’m sure there will be plenty of time for a chinwag over the handlebars and cups of tea. Can’t wait to meet you all.

Jenny Allwood

Hi :), my name is Jenny, (but not Jennifer!), and until 2009 I was home educated. I’m now a photography student at City College Norwich and at the end of June I shall have completed my 2 year course. This cycle tour seemed like such a brilliant thing to do after what has been quite a dull year of college, (lots of computers and sitting around), so I grabbed at the chance when I found out about it!

I’m full of love for nature and the planet and have spent most of my life in and around the countryside; often I’ll be found just sitting beneath a tree contemplating the light shining through the leaves above! I have also lived almost all my life without a car and this has meant cycling and public transport have always been a way of living for me. In 2009 my family and I cycled from Suffolk to Cornwall and I loved touring then, so I’m really looking forward to meeting you all, cycling around hilly Scotland and spreading the word about sustainable living!

Peace and love! ^_^

Lucy Colbeck

Hey, I’m Lucy and I’m just about to finish a four year degree in French and English at Sussex University, so was looking for something BIG to kick start life in the real world… I’ve had a few cycling adventures in my time but nothing anywhere near this long so that will be an amazing challenge, packed with all sorts of mishaps and rewards and moments of sheer exhaustion like any good cycle tour should be ! I haven’t done any drama for several years since Alevels but I loved it so can’t wait to pick that up again and learn how to use it to communicate ideas about sustainability and personal impact that are so important, yet considerably ignored. I’m a pretty passionate rugby player and love all things French, but I also have a general curiosity for all cultures and languages. Cannot wait to meet you all and explore Scotland by bike, what a treat.

Colin Jopson

Hey all.  I’m Colin and I’m from Liverpool.  I went to the University of Southampton and did a degree in Geology, finishing that 2 years ago. Last year I did a volunteer programme that’s run by the VSO called Global Xchange.  On this I got to spend 6 joyous months working on all kinds of different community development projects in both Swansea (I do love Swansea!) and Zambia, meeting many really amazing people along the way.   I’m now working as a support worker, helping 5 people with autism to live together in a communal house.

I’m really looking forward to touring Scotland.  I can’t think of a better way to see all these places than by passing through them on my bike. I hope to help spread the word about sustainable living and hopefully gain lots of skills and ideas myself that will be really useful in the future.  I have little experience of any real acting, but I certainly am eager about having a go at this theatre business.  It’s been great reading all your bio’s.  I’m really looking forward to meeting everyone.  See y’all in Edinburgh.

Jenny Vaughan

Hello! My name is Jenny. My friends call me Jennytree, I think that’s appropriate for this adventure. I come from Hampshire and am currently at the University of Birmingham attempting to get myself a degree in, wait for it… European Politics, Society and Economics, it’s a monster. Whilst I refrain constantly from engaging with academia I instead plough my passion in to the Oxfam Society we have in our Guild, which I’ve been president of for the past year putting on epic events to fundraise and campaign. I also like to pretend I can sing and am a keen member of the gospel choir, the gospel groove can bring anyone joy. I cannot wait to get out of the city and in to the countryside. My heart yearns for green fields and clear night skies, both with air so clean you want to gulp it up. I’ve been inspired by Otesha since I first heard about it, and I’m thrilled at the prospect of being a part of it with all of you this summer!

Ahoy, Kimberley here!

I really love kids, bikes, the great outdoors and communal living so this cycle trip looks like just the thing for me.

I also love swimming in the sea and waterfalls, climbing trees, fire, helping out at the freeshop, distributing local organic veg, building things from “waste” and growing food.

There’s so much to learn about permaculture, wild food, compost loos, holistic healthcare, land rights, food sovereignty, using consensus, non-violent communication, and compassion to create a more peaceful world – I get so excited that I don’t know where to begin!

I’d love to spread the idea of global citizenship, stewardship for the Earth and help create resilient communities and reconnect us with the land we use and realise that big government won’t fix the problems our species is facing, but that we can all have a deeply positive impact on a grassroots level – and have lots more fun on the way than we would if we just stayed telly-consuming couchtatties.

My dream is to help green deserts, build a wee (g)roundhouse, start a forest kindergarden and live without money… but I’m realising that dealing with anonymity in cities is crucial to empowering people in urban settings!

Let the cycletastic journey begin – can’t wait to meet the revolutionary community on wheels!

Catherine Hunter
I’m Catherine and I’ve just finished my 3rd year of 4, studying Statistics at Warwick University.  An occasional wwoofer and keen environmentalist, I’m really looking forward to sharing the joys of a green lifestyle with as many people as possible – and of course hanging out with some like-minded people and learning a lot, too.
I play saxophone in a jazz band, and fence a couple of times a week but not competitively.  My long-run dreams are to live on a smallholding with close family and friends, working as active members of the community, cycling everywhere we go, self-sufficient in food, and living a really low-impact lifestyle.  In the meantime I’m hoping to find a job in something statistics-related (pensions / insurance / data collation).

Zoe Sawane

Hi, I’m Zoe from Scotland (between Aberdeen and Dundee), dancer and free-thinker. I’m quite new to cycling but becoming more confident on 2 wheels and I’m excited about seeing more of Scotland with such a vibrant group of people! I look forward to the learning and inspiring, and performing!

I have been particularly inspired by reading the Ringing Cedars series of books, and this is my heart-felt recommendation for everyone. I am involved with local Transition Town Initiatives and have big dreams for a different way of living, with more connection and awareness, creativity and happiness.

I am interested in ecovillage development, and have just completed an incredible Ecovillage Experience Week at Findhorn Foundation. I want to do whatever I can to make a difference to the world we live in, and leave it a freer and healthier one for future generations. At the moment I am set on making my home (a big house on the beach that my Dad built) more of a community/educational centre as well as a spiritual permaculture hub.

Andrés García

Coming from La Mancha, I have always dreamt about becoming a knight-errant. It seems that I have finally found an adventure worth fighting for.

Other than dreaming I teach languages and subtitle films. When I’m not doing either I play the guitar or the tambourine. I have lately started studying theatre and photography and I am a capoerista.

Travelling has taught me the little I know. Can’t wait to be on the road again!

Arthur Petrie

So, I wont carry on in the same vain as my donation page, because I might confuse people. Finished college a little while ago and have been overdosing on the freedom. Before college I was home educated and traveled allot, I spent six months travelling with my family all the way around the northern hemisphere. Since then I have gone a little stir crazy being stuck in college, and was originally planning on going tree planting in Canada with the Brinkman Project, but then the Tories decided to make that cost me an extra seventeen grand (Grrrr). But I still wanted to do something before starting my Climate Science course at UEA, I wanted something positive, outdoorsy and proactive, basically I wanted to go on an Otesha tour. I also hope to come out of this with some good friends, some useful contacts and be totally ripped with low CO2 Muscle! I am fairly positive that I will be broke by the time we start, but I think I’m going to enjoy this much more than working and going out for the next few months. Plus I see a home educator and someone studying at UEA is in the team, which is a bonus!