Totally Tasty 2013

Totally Tasty is totally coastal, well, mostly! It’ll be rolling across lowlands along the South-East coast line sampling the region’s flourishing sustainable food projects and sharing our workshops with schools, youth groups, and communities along the way.

Dates: 6th – 27th July 2013

Last year our 3-week food tour was so popular we ended up running two! So this year it is back! You’ll be delivering food focussed workshops in schools and communities, enjoying workshares at exciting community projects and learning all about food sustainability through diverse visits and learning exchanges.  Our FAQs are helpful too if you want to know more about tour!

By delivering our workshops you’ll help children explore how the choices they make, actions they take and things they buy affect people on the other side of the world and the planet itself. We take a colourful, positive, creative approach, helping them discover that their lives can be powerful forces for positive change in the world. You’ll be looking at things like fair trade and poverty wages, how much water it takes to make our food (and why it matters), why local food should be supported and how to get growing your own grub.

By giving empowering, hands-on education – you won’t just be raising awareness but working with children and schools to put together plans for real, practical changes.  We always follow up after our visits to see what the experience inspired – here are some of the results:

– Dereham: whole-school initiative to monitor energy and food waste

– Cardiff: school worked with Sustrans to create cycle networks to school

– Stirling: pupils and staff conducted food miles survey

– Merthyr Tydfil: Water-savers and energy monitors installed at school

Who can come along?

If you’re…

  • passionate about sustainability or want to learn more
  • happiest when out and about on your bike, often cycling 40 miles in a day
  • comfortable sleeping in accommodation ranging from tents to school halls

…we’d love to hear from you!  The application deadline is 13th May, 2013 at 9am so apply now!


Where is it going?

We are very excited to announce our training week venue – Highbridge Community Farm. This thriving projects gives local people a chance to get growing their own food, reducing costs and food miles, increasing friends and smiles! It will be a truly inspiring project where we will be delivering our training to give everything you need to hit the road, from practical things such as bike maintenance and safe riding, to working in schools, consensus decision making, anti-oppression and workshop facilitation.

All skilled up, we’ll be heading on to exciting food projects, where we will learn and get involved, using them as a spring board to ride out to schools and communities in the area to deliver our interactive, positive workshops.

What about fundraising?

Tour members are expected to fundraise £600 towards the cost of their place on tour. Don’t worry – we’ll provide you with plenty of resources including a comprehensive fundraising guide, along with support from past tour members to help you along the way. We also have bursaries available for those less able to fundraise – so please get in touch if you want more information about this – we are passionate that the tours remain accessible to all.


How to Applybike scrap

Once you’ve had a really good look around the website, and know how much you’d love to join an Otesha tour you can apply by completing our application form, available for download below. 

Please note – we only have 1 or 2 more spaces on tour, so make your application soon!

You can also view our Prep Pack – this is designed for our tour members to give them all they need to know about our tours.

Tastetastic Testimony 

Totally Tasty in building on the success of our first food themed tour –Tastetastic in 2012. Recently we got a lovely email from Ellie who was a tour member on Tastetastic. Here’s what she said..

” Today is a special day. When I finished the tastetastic tour in 2012 I intended to set up an organic food co-op and (finally) it has happened! Our first order was made this morning! I am so happy but I couldn’t have done it (and wouldn’t even have considered doing it) without all the amazing learning and inspiration that was shared so freely on the Otesha tour. Thanks for helping me to be a change maker. ♥♥♥ Ellie x ”


Are you a school/youth club/sustainability project/anyone else en route?

If you want us to pay you a pedal powered visit this summer, get in touch on

Applying from abroad?

We welcome international applications, however if you are applying from abroad we would urge you to consider the impact of your travel.  We will not accept tour members who are taking an additional flight to join an Otesha cycle tour, as this undermines both the message and impact of cycling from place to place as a low-carbon mode of transport. If you’re coming from Europe, we would suggest planning to take a train, a coach, or even cycling to the UK.  If you’re in North America, why not check  If you’d like to talk to us about this, don’t hesitate to email




Hello, my name is Amy. I am really looking forward to soon be journeying along the beautiful South coast of England in July! I can currently be found at the youth social action charity Envision here in Brum but am originally from near London and went to university in Bristol. I graduated a couple of years ago doing History of Art but meeting some brilliant people at uni opened my eyes and created my interest for social causes, volunteering and sustainability. Since graduating I have spent time at various community organisations including working at FoodCycle, a national charity which tackles food poverty and food waste by cooking meals for communities using surplus food. I am most excited about learning lots and meeting a group of interesting, engaged people from various walks of life. In my spare time I like to painting, cooking, travelling and being outside and active and so I am also looking forward to experiencing my first ever tour by bike!


jessie Jessie

Hello I’m Jessie, I’m currently living in London where my life revolves around food as I work for a beekeeper, in a café and at a farmer’s market and intern as a cook for a fabulous little charity called Global Generation. I became involved in environmental and food-justice issues through volunteering on organic farms where I met many interesting people and learnt about the problems they faced and the innovative solutions they had found. I studied anthropology, international relations and environmental policy at university and am interested in the connection between politics, agri-business and the international food system, as well as the many grassroots movements that are trying to improve things. I love being outside, especially farming, cycling, foraging, climbing mountains and wild-swimming. I’m really looking forward to visiting lots of interesting projects on the TasteTastic tour, meeting other food obsessed people and getting everyone talking about fair and sustainable food



I fell in love with cycling when I started hanging out with the fixed gear scene in Leeds, but my love has gone so much further than hanging out with friends on two wheels. I am trying to set up a bike hire co-op at my university because I passionately believe cycling is the best thing you can do for your general wellbeing, physical and mental!I am studying International Relations and Development at Sussex, and strangely from this and via involvement with my university’s Occupy movement against privatisation, have got into the localisation movement, and the drive for truly sustainable living, and a future for generations to come.Bicycles are a great way to work towards this! I run my university cycling club, LOVE velodromes, looong weekend rides, and evening pub bike trips. I am working towards a cycle tour from Vietnam to Cambodia in August, and from Brighton to Istanbul next year.



thomaFor the last few years I have been hoping to take part in a long distance cycle tour and am so happy to have found out about Totally Tasty! Last summer I backpacked around the country stopping off at environmental festivals, transition towns and off grid eco-communities. Having the opportunity to do a similar sort of thing, only with a group inspired people hoping to inspire others, is something I feel extremely fortunate to be part of. I am particularly interested in education and the growing movement to change the educational paradigm towards one which is more respectful of Nature. When I’m not on a saddle, I love trying creative cooking, wire sculpture or going for walks.





Hello, I’m Imogen and as soon as I read about the Totally Tasty tour I was hooked. I am studying sustainable development at Edinburgh University and and I focus a lot of my work on how to inspire, enable and empower people to create sustainable changes to their lifestyles and behaviours. I also love a physical challenge and for these two reasons, the Totally Tasty tour is an absolutely wonderful way of linking these two passions together and also learning and developing from the people I will tour with and meet along the way. In my personal life I try to live as low impact as I can, though I do have some home comforts, and I know that my efforts will develop with motivation and outside input and I can’t wait to be inspired by other people’s actions. Besides everything else, I love baking bread, cooking and eating with others, being outside, and of course, cycling! July can’t come fast enough!


Hi my name is Marcus Roberts and I live on the West Coast of Ireland. Im studying Environmental Protection in Sligo IT
where I also run the juggling Soc. I do my very best to never get off my bike and what I can to promote sustainable transport around the area. I have a little bit of experience with food type stuff, I did a short permaculture course a few yearmarcuss back but my main inspiration and appreciation of good food comes from my grandparents. They have been growing most of there own fruit and veg for the last 20 years, and now into there 80’s they are expanding their growing area! The resident chickens dont seem to too bothered by the operation. I cant wait to get on the road and start learning wonderful skills, hear new ideas and get information so I can bring ‘em home and apply them around my town and college!


rowanHello, I’m Rowan, I hail from the distant shores of New Zealand, which I left two years ago, fresh from an Ecology degree and ready to be inspired by a creative, politically engaged UK. Totally Tasty will be an incredible culmination of my time here, bringing together just about all of my favourite things before I keep pedalling East across Europe and eventually home (though my reality check unfortunately involves a flight). I’ve spent a winter working in woodlands, composting toilets and digging holes in slate volunteering at the Centre for Alternative Technology in beautiful mid-Wales, lived wild and free in the magical Forest of Dean campaigning for land issues and surviving on foraged spring greens, grown vegetables under Orcadian midnight sun and for the last six months lived in Edinburgh, as a support worker, community gardener and primary school growing project collaborater. I hope to carry the buzz from Otesha into future projects using food and growing to empower and connect people.


Hi, my name is Tristan. I live and work in Bristol UK. I recently qualified as a holistic massage therapist which is taking trissmy career in exciting directions! Bristol is a fun and vibrant place to live and as well as the countless yearly festivals from everything as diverse as green energy to barbecue cooking, we have recently been given “Cycling City” status, this suits me just fine as my bike is my main form of transport, my latest acquisition being a bike trailer which is extending the versatility of the bike even further. I love my trailer and getting it has enabled me to hold off from buying a car, yay! As you might of guessed I’m interested greatly in environmental issues and sustainable living. In my spare time I like to volunteer my time to charity’s, I also like riding my bike, swimming, country walking and cooking vegetarian meals. I think that the opportunity to teach and work with young people is novel and exciting. Most recently I have been getting to grips with bike maintenance, and packing light for the tour! So looking forward to meeting my comrades and hitting the trail for hijinks and adventures!