Western Quest 2012

Whiz around the west on your bicycle this summer.  Starting in the stunning Wye Valley this tour will pedal over the rolling hills of Somerset and Devon, sampling the best of West!

Dates: 10th August – 22nd September 2012

Where we’re heading

Who can come along?

If you’re…

  • aged 18-28
  • passionate about sustainability or want to learn more
  • happiest when out and about on your bike, often cycling 40 miles in a day
  • comfortable sleeping in accommodation ranging from tents to school halls

…we’d love to hear from you!

What about fundraising?

Tour members are expected to fundraise £850 towards the cost of their place on tour. We’ll provide you with plenty of resources and support to help you along the way.  We also have bursaries available for those less able to fundraise – so please get in touch if you want more information about this.

Are you a school/youth club/sustainability project/anyone else en route?

If you want us to pay you a pedal powered visit this summer, get in touch on cycletours@otesha.org.uk

How to Apply

Once you’ve had a really good look around the website, and know how much you’d love to join an Otesha tour you can either apply online or download a word document application form. (If you’re applying for the Tour Liaison internship role, you’ll have to download the application form.)


Meet the Tour Liaisons! (Tour members to follow soon!)


Since finishing a degree in history two years ago I’ve had itchy feet and have spent little time in the UK. Last year I lived and worked as an English teacher in Hokkaido, the remote northern island of Japan. I acquired many new skills and interests there from snowboarding and Japanese to growing vegetables and cooking delicious Japanese food. After returning to the UK last August I came to Seville, Spain, where I am currently living while enjoying a work placement in a primary school with the European organisation Comenius. My main challenges here are to learn Spanish and to avoid accidentally eating meat (vegetarianism in Spain doesn’t really exist.) In my spare time I like swimming, hiking, and cycling. I have also recently joined a canoeing club and am enjoying the freedom of being on the river. I love being outdoors and participate in an occupied communal garden in the centre of Seville, which is a beautiful green space for everyone to enjoy in the urban centre. After my placement finishes in May I am going to cycle to northern Spain to take a ferry back to England, exploring the Spanish countryside along the way. I am very excited about the Otesha cycle tour, I think its a great project and one that I can’t wait to be a part of this summer!


Anna has previously worked as a teacher and a Bike It officer for Sustrans, encouraging children to cycle to school. She has always been passionate about cycling and loves seeing just how far she can go on two wheels – including completing a circumnavigation of the entire British coast in 2011. Anna is also an active member of the Green Party and passionate about sustainability and all things environmental, especially how to live life to the full in a way that has the least impact on our planet. She is really looking forward to joining the Otesha Tour Liaison Team!





Keira Dymond

Hello there, I’m Keira and I’m going to be a tour liaison for the Wetern Quest tour this summer. About me in a nutshell…. I graduated from the University of East Anglia a couple of years ago with a degree in International Development and since then I have been cycling around France and Spain volunteering on various WWOOF farms and permaculture communities. I am now currently working on a small organic vegetable farm in sunny Devon but will be leaving here to do the tour and can’t wait to get back on my bike again! In my free time I enjoy horse riding, walking and occasionally running in the countryside, playing badminton, cooking and volunteering for various development and environmental charities. Anyway, I could whittle on for longer but I won’t as I’m sure we will have plenty of time to get to know each other soon. Can’t wait for the adventure to begin!

Maia Tarling

1. I love cycling and cycle everywhere in London, including to the delightful secondary school where I teach English/tame my wild classroom. 2. I feel very passionate about our environmental impact on the planet. I’ve spent the several years of holidays working on organic farms and permaculture projects in Europe and the West Bank.  I can now build a house out of glass bottles AND see how intertwined environmental issues and social justice are. 3. I love meeting new people and sharing stories and ideas.  Hitch-hiking around South America has to be the second best way of travelling (after cycling, of course). 4. I think young people and children often have the best/most original/funniest ideas, and I’m looking forward to being part of a project that really values their input.5. And I’m really excited to be part of something which mixes up all my favourite things and includes some stop-offs for dips into the delightful British seas.




I really love riding a bicycle in this Universe, the great outdoors and communal living, playing with the kids, so that cycling trip look like perfect thing. I love raw  organic  food which is giving us Mother Nature. I also love climbing trees, running barefoot on the grass,  fire, helping out  building things from “waste” and growing food, making a grass juice, collecting wild edible plants and learn about them. In between I like to practice yoga. There’s so much to learn about permaculture, wild food, compost loos, land rights, using consensus, non-violent communication, and compassion to create a more peaceful world just here and now.

Let be the change that we all want to see in this world. Let the cycletastic journey begin – can’t wait to meet the peaceful revolutionary community on wheels!


There’s still time to apply to join the tour – scroll up to see how!