Our approach

Greener Workplaces training is about initiating, developing and supporting change within your organisation.

We require any organisation we work with to commit to measurably improving their corporate sustainability. We use initial consultations to assess commitment to this process, and we provide on-going check-ins, support and guidance to assess progress.

For us, it’s about more than a one-off training session. We develop meaningful long-term relationships with the different organisations we work with. We work together to create change.

We’re an open bunch, and we invite you to take a look at our ethical policy document, which we use to guide all our decisions.

How it works

So what exactly will happen when you work with us? Here’s an outline, which can be adapted to your needs:

1.  Our pre-session audit will show where your organisation is at and shape our work with you

2.  On the day we’ll help you pinpoint the impacts you as an organisation want to make

3.  We’ll work together to set priorities that are both high-impact and doable 4. Who do you need to work with to create change? You’ll map your allies, influencers and decision-makers

4.  We can inspire you with tours of innovative green projects to get your creative juices flowing

5.  We’ll share our knowledge of behaviour change theory so you can put it to use for the greatest chance of success

6.  You’ll end with a concrete action plan – and your day’s work graphically recorded so you can see clearly where you’ve come from and where you’re heading

7.  We’ll provide regular progress check-ins as part of your ongoing relationship with Otesha

The biggest challenge is often bridging the gap between intention and action. How many timeshave you heard people say “I know I should do something about saving energy, but I just don’t get around to it”? We’re interested in motivating people to actually do something about important issues. So we’ve developed a training programme called ‘How to Change Things’ that focuses on the key principles of behaviour change and presents effective tactics for motivating your colleagues to change their habits.

We believe that the best learning often happens in unusual and unexpected settings, when you’re given the chance to get away from your day-to-day life, spend time in a beautiful setting, learn new skills and meet other inspiring people. This is why our training usually happens away from the office.

For more information or to book: info@otesha.org.uk / 020 3609 6763

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