Change Projects

Change Projects are geared towards 8-18 year olds in schools, youth clubs and enrichment programmes across London, particularly north and east London.

Although each project is different, they all address a sustainability-themed issue that matters to the young people who develop it and can make a real difference in their communities. Young people who take part become agents for social change whilst gaining hands-on skills in leadership, communication, project planning and delivery, campaigning and community engagement. The groups’ ideas drive the design and creation of the project: we support them through a collaborative design process and help them use simple, effective tools to bring those designs to life.

Delivery methods and curriculum fit

Our programme fits within the Sustainable Schools, Healthy Schools and Every Child Matters initiatives and can help schools to achieve Eco-Schools status or Fairtrade Awards. We can also work with schools on their Travel Plans, facilitating student participation in the creation and implementation of the plan.

We can deliver a Change Project in an intensive week-long programme, as a weekly club meeting over 1-3 months, or anything in between or beyond. Projects so far have included making a community food gardenholding seasonal feasts for friends and family, and launching the 10:10 energy saving campaign at school.

Read more about our past Change Projects here.

Book a project

If you’d like to book an introductory workshop or project, or learn more about what we can offer please get in touch.