Cycle tour performances

Cycle tour teams are groups of volunteer peer educators who travel around the UK every summer, visiting schools, youth clubs, festivals and community events with the goal of creating a more sustainable and fair world.

Our performances are a new approach to active citizenship education. By exploring the themes of consumption, equity and individual action in a positive and creative way, cycle tour teams inspire audiences to think about and act on sustainability.

What is a typical performance?

Usually teams start by performing the high energy and interactive Morning Choices Play with an entire group of young people (for example, a school assembly) and then they break into smaller groups or classrooms to deliver hands-on themed workshops.

Are you interested in bringing an Otesha team to your school, festival, summer camp or community?

If so, we might be in your area next summer. We welcome all kinds of suggestions for places to perform, hold workshops, learn skills, and meet other people who are creating positive change in new and creative ways.

We’re also looking for places to stay – from camping to billeting to sleeping in a school gym, we welcome any kind of accommodation that you can offer us. We’re very well-behaved, we promise. In fact, we’ve even been known to leave behind baked goods, love notes, and other random acts of appreciation for our hosts.

If you’d like more information about the team, the presentations, or the tours, please get in touch with us at¬†