The Otesha Book

If you’re looking for a guide to day-to-day sustainable living, this handbook is a good place to start. It’s broken down into eight different themes that we want to shout out about. You can download and read one theme at a time or tackle the whole kit and kaboodle at once.

The book is free for the world to download, read, share, and contribute to. Although if you’d like a printed copy, we can send you one for £20 + postage – just get in touch.

Download the whole Handbook

Each chapter includes sections on:

  • The basics
  • True or False? Things we’re trying to wrap our heads around
  • Things that work: what other people did
  • Off the shelf: things you can do
  • Escalate! How to feed a BIG idea

Download individual chapters:

Here’s a sneak peek of what the book looks like:

Book cover
Money screenshot
Fashion screenshot
Fashion screenshot 2
Trade screenshot
Trade screenshot 2
Food screenshot
Food screenshot 2
Energy screenshot
Water screenshot
Transport screenshot
Trade screenshot 3
Water screenshot 2
Media screenshot
Media screenshot 2
Transport screenshot 2