Our workshops

We like to deliver workshops. If you like to host workshops or take part in workshops, you should definitely get in touch.

We visit schools, colleges, youth clubs and one-off events, basically anywhere where young people are. We like to think our workshops are fun, and luckily participants seem to agree with us. We can deliver workshops across London year-round and in other places around the UK during the summer on our cycle tours.

Our delivery style: We always play games (energisers, ice-breakers – whatever you like to call them), which is fun. Our workshops generate lots of discussion, debate and disagreement, which is exciting. There’s always a practical element too, because that what we think workshops should be about- fun, exciting discussions and practical actions.

Workshop content: Our workshops start by looking at a specific topic like food, the media or fashion. Once we’ve all learnt a bit about our chosen topic, we talk about what we think it wrong with it and how we can change things. We know that our lives have positive and negative impacts all over the world, we want to maximise the positive impacts and help others to do the same to.

Everyone who takes part in our workshops leaves with new ideas for living a bit more sustainably.

For more information or to book a workshop, contact us.