Recycled Fashion

Focus on recycled, DIY and ethical fashion

This workshop aims to show participants that ethical fashion doesn’t have to involve ugly knitted jumpers! They’ll learn how to turn Tetra Paks and other unlikely items into wallets. They’ll also make connections between their own personal choices and global issues, mapping out where their own clothes come from and exploring the likely conditions under which they were made. Finally, they’ll brainstorm more sustainable alternatives, such as customizing old clothes, holding clothes swap parties with friends or buying sweatshop-free fashions.

Things the venue needs to provide:

  • One Tetra Pak juice or milk carton per student
  • Scissors (ideally one pair per 2 students)
  • Rubber bands (the ones discarded by Royal Mail are perfect), one per student
  • Optional decoration e.g. stickers, coloured paper and glue, other decorative scrap materials